Conference BAGS
Materials: Cotton, jute, nylon, leather, paper, cane etc
Styles: Tote bags, satchels, carry bags, executive bags, back packs.
Conference FOLDERS
The most practical and economical medium for compiling and distributing communication material during a conference is through conference folders. Conference folders add value when used as a part of the communication package for a conference.
We offer Folders in different Materials, Designs and sizes using varied printing techniques.
Materials ranging from Fabric, Leather and Paper to Manmade materials such as plastic and Vinyl etc.
Designs include centre fold, two fold, with or without pockets and cut-out features etc.
Digital, Offset and Screen printing in different Sizes can be done depending on budget and quantities.
Conference ID BADGES
Plastic/Nylon pouches and cartridges in standard or customized sizes
Nylon or silk lanyards with or without printing
Laminated digital/offset printed card inserts
Conference NOTE PADS
Available in various sizes with different types of binding
and paper quality.
Size: A5 / note book / A4 / others
Binding: Wiro / Perfect / Spiral / others
Paper: Ruled / Plain / Others
Cover: Hard bound/ three fold /
Art Paper with or without lamination.
Printing: Offset print/ screen/ digital print covers.
Conference PENS
Body: Plastic, Wooden, Metallic.
Kind: Jotters, Gel pens, Ball pens. And others...
With or without logos and inscriptions.
Presentation TOOLS
CD/DVDs are powerful tools for communication
and dissemination of information. We offer services
for cover design. Cover design, packaging design and production,
Content designing + recording, compilation, replication, etc.
Branded, High Quality with different shapes and capacities with
or without logo printing.
Large variety like wood, plastic, leather, cloth, metal, glass,
handicraft and many more..
- Kit distribution
- Emailers/ invitations
- Data compilation & management
- Pre-registration (online/ email/ fax/ telephone)
- Hospitality management
- Travel services
- Registration (infrastructure & process)
- Manpower/ ushering
- Signage & displays
- Audio / video setup
- Printing (screen, offset, digital)
- Backoffice (computers, printers, photocopiers,
Networking with trained manpower)

*Please note: Everything can be customised and designed as per the requirement.
All products are subject to availability.